What Happened to Gravity?

We were asked the question – "what happened to gravity?"

Why have we moved away from gravity as a source of power in our latest solution, nowlight?

The concept of using gravity to power a light was one that captured the imagination of the world – renewable energy that NEVER runs out!  People even questioned whether it was actually possible to power a light simply using a bag filled with rocks. 

However, after conducting widespread user testing we realised that our next solution needed to be brighter, longer lasting and be able to charge mobiles.

But the power that GravityLight can produce is determined – and limited - by 3 key factors:
1. Height of installation: limited by the height of a user’s ceiling

2. Weight of the bag: limited by how much strain the system can reliably support across 1+ years use, and how sturdy the supporting beams are

3.  Speed at which the bag descends: this could be faster, however this would shorten, not increase the duration of light provided

A significant product re-think was required!


Introducing Nowlight

We knew with our latest solution we wanted the same unique benefits:

·         Instant light and power,

·         Independent of the weather

… we also wanted it to be brighter, longer and have USB power. 

With the support of Energy Catalyst – match-funding from DFID, the Department of Energy & Climate Change, EPSRC and Innovate UK to we have been able to develop this affordable, reliable, renewable technology that tackles energy poverty, and we called it nowlight.

nowlight step-changes the amount of light AND power we can provide; for far longer.

And, with optional solar and mains charging, it’s extremely versatile.

If this chart doesn't excite you, we're not sure what will!


So, what happened to Gravity?

Well we found a new renewable energy that can produce much more power in a compact design…. You!