nowlight generates instant light and power from the pull of a cord. By harnessing uniquely efficient bio-mechanics, just one minute of pulling will create up to 2 hours of light.


nowlight generates instant light and power from the pull of a cord. nowlight is a uniquely versatile system with USB charging for devices, multiple brightness settings from 5 to 160 lumens, the ability to power up to four additional 'SatLights' and a live display that shows for how much longer the device will provide power


GravityLight uses a bag that can be filled with heavy items and winched up. As the bag descends it drives a generator through a gearbox which provides direct electrical power for a single LED. Additional SatLight lamps can be connected to the main GravityLight unit to extend lighting. Multiple Satlights can be linked together (recommended max of 4).




Our Story

A decade ago, we began our journey of designing, developing, and manufacturing renewable energy solutions for off-grid homes.

Our first award-winning design, GravityLight, captured imaginations worldwide by powering a light with a bag of rocks.

Today, we continue our mission of eliminating the need for kerosene lamps by designing innovative and reliable renewable energy products, perfect for any off-grid scenario.

Through consistent and rigorous user testing and feedback we produce products that are relaible, clean and safe.