How long does nowlight take to charge?

Every minute of pulling generates an hour of charge.

Manual charging take less than 30 minutes but we recommend charging in blocks of a few minutes with breaks in between.  

Alternatively, attach the solar panel and place in the sun for 5 hours to fully charge your nowlight.

For full preparedness, you can also charge nowlight from mains power - fully charging the battery in 4 hours.  We are hoping to add a DC-USB adaptor to all nowlights through stretch funding!

Should I get a nowlight only or bundle?

Every nowlight comes with a USB port - so if you’re just looking for a single light and USB power then a ‘nowlight only’ may be perfect for you.

The nowlight unit can be charged manually or from the mains - but doesn’t include a solar panel. So, if you’re planning on using it somewhere sunny, that’s a good reason to get the bundle.

Also, if you want more than 1 light, the bundle comes with a SatLight on a 5 metre cable so you can hang and move it where you need. Each SatLight has 5 brightness settings that work independently of nowlight.

NB. SatLights must be plugged into nowlight to work

Is it waterproof?

nowlight is water resistant not waterproof.  With a rating (to be confirmed) of IP43 or better, it is fine to be used outdoors and in the rain (providing you have installed it correctly.) nowlightt is not submersable.

I want to donate multiple nowlights – how can I do this?

There are a couple of options - you could either donate an amount of your choice and we’ll translate this into manufacturing and distributing nowlights with the IFRC, or there are several Buy1Give 1 / 10/ 100 units.

If you’re looking for a different option please let us know via the comments or at: care@deciwatt.global.

Does it come with a warranty?

nowlight has a 1 year warranty. When we have tooled samples (with your support!) we will be putting these through extensive accelerated life testing to simulate daily use and will update you on nowlights verified lifespan and any increase to the warranty.

Is it easy to install?

Very easy! nowlight comes with 2 hooks – simply screw one into a wall (use a drill and raw plug if needed) or you can screw it into the top of nowlight and hook where you need. You can also use a zip tie, carabiner or sturdy cord.

How bright is it?

Both nowlight and SatLights have 5 independent brightness settings: 10 - 20 - 40 - 80 - 160 lumens.